Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Chidimma N. '22

Chidimma's Role Model: My role model is and has always been Michelle Obama. This is because she is a strong, confident and powerful black woman who I aspire to be like. 

Why Chidimma and Her Family Chose Archer: My parents and I decided to attend Archer because as we were looking into multiple schools Archer was the one that stood out from the rest. This is because during our research we were looking for different things like how well I would be prepared for the future and how comfortable I would be at the school. On my first visit I knew I wanted to call Archer my school because of all the genuine smiles I got even though I didn’t know anyone. It very instantly felt like a community that I wanted to be apart of, a sisterhood I wanted to share with others. And after that visit I knew that Archer was the perfect fit for me.
Archer is special to me because this is where I was able to blossom. I came in as a very shy 9th grader who didn’t know how I would function at this school in a completely new and unexplored territory. In a year, I was able to talk to people in a way I never thought possible. I learned to carry myself with grace and although this was something I could always do, Archer was able to draw this out of me and allow me to truly express myself. Archer allowed me to become the person I have always wanted to be without even knowing it.

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