Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Karen G. '23

Karen's Role Model: My female role model is Ada Lovelace, a mathematician, known for being the first computer programmer. Born during the Victorian period in the 19th century with stringent expectations, Ada Lovelace persisted and pursued to bring scientific and educational advancements. As a role model, Ada pushes me to continue my journey in STEM.

Why Karen and Her Family Chose Archer: My family and I decided to attend Archer because we knew it was going to be the place for us. The moment we walked in, we thought "this is it." We noticed the warm and joyful community that welcomed us. Archer also was supportive of me and my family from the first moment. I am confident in saying that Archer is by my side.
Archer: the place that prepares you to become your best self. The place that supports you, cares for you, and is always right beside you.

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