Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Saskia S. '26

Saskia's Role Model: There are many influential female role models who I admire. One is tennis player Coco Gauff. She is an extraordinary example of the pursuit of dreams via tenacity and hard work. Despite being one of the youngest professional players, her age does not determine or define her immense skill.

Why Saskia and Her Family Chose Archer: The name "Archer" has always connoted a sense of joy in the Sommer family. We had heard of the lovely opportunities it provided and the outstanding curriculum fostered by driven teachers. The kind and supportive nature of the community is unparalleled, and I feel that this was reflected in the admissions process. I have learned, grown, and thrived alongside my classmates.
Archer is a magical place that values every individual student and emphasizes the sense of sisterhood that makes going to school not only a chance to learn intriguing material that intertwines with real world happenings, but to do so whilst establishing life-long bonds.

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