From the Director of Admissions

Felicia Paik, Director of Admissions

Not too long ago, an Archer alumna looking for her first job after college walked into an interview with a prospective employer. After speaking for a few minutes, the young woman was stopped mid-sentence by the interviewer who asked, "Did you go to Archer?" The young woman replied, "Yes, I did. How did you know?" The interviewer said, "You are poised, confident, and genuine - all characteristics of an Archer girl. I should know as my daughter goes to Archer now."

I share this story for two reasons: we often hear that it's easy to spot an Archer girl and our students, past and present, are everywhere. As I always like to say, all roads lead to Archer.

An Archer girl is bright, creative, kind, and motivated. When she graduates, she is a self-possessed, entrepreneurial young woman with an unbridled desire to achieve greatness. Once she leaves the walls of Archer, she goes to medical school, starts her own business, becomes a wife and mother, designs interior spaces, defends clients in a courtroom, does scientific research, develops projects in the entertainment industry, works for fashion designers abroad. The possibilities are endless.

These possibilities become realities for our students by way of Archer's educational philosophy which is best expressed by our school motto: "Ambitious, Joyful Learning." We offer excellence in teaching and learning. We take pride in our unparalleled, research-based teaching methods. At the same time, we place high value on our happy culture. Archer is known for its inclusive environment that fosters sisterhood and collaboration. We expect our students to lead balanced lives and to find the joy in all that they do - inside and outside the classroom.

I thank you for your interest in Archer. Experience Archer for yourselves. Consider attending an open house, a neighborhood coffee, a campus preview, or all three. Please be in touch with the Admissions Office to discuss how Archer and your daughter might be the right match.

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