Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity: A Founding Commitment

The Archer School for Girls was founded in 1995 with the mission of providing a highly intellectual and creative learning environment designed around the ways girls learn best. A contemporary girls’ school, Archer combines the latest research on pedagogy, technology, and social issues to prepare young women for leadership in a global world. Since its inception, Archer has remained passionately committed to providing access to girls from a wide variety of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Nearly one-quarter of students received some form of financial assistance totaling $4 million in financial aid for the 2018-2019 school year. Archer strives to reflect the face of greater Los Angeles in its racial, ethnic, and geographic diversity. The student body represents 73 different zip codes coming from 141 feeder schools, with 42% students of color. The diverse student body enriches the learning environment and makes for a more vibrant educational experience.
Beyond admitting students from diverse backgrounds, Archer is committed to fostering a healthy, inclusive community where all students have equal access to opportunity and can thrive academically and socially. We understand that developing cross-cultural empathy and understanding is vital to helping all students realize their true potential. Further, data shows diversity and academic excellence are interwoven, and social diversity enhances creativity and improves critical thinking. Therefore, Archer’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion remains integral to fulfilling our mission and ensuring educational excellence.