Humans of Archer

Juliet Y. '19, Student Body President

“I came to Archer in 7th grade as a shy, timid 12-year-old who was afraid to even raise her hand. Now, I feel comfortable speaking in every class and talking to a teacher one-on-one if I need help. I have gained a family through extracurriculars such as theater, Student Council, and swim. Without Archer, I would have never pushed myself outside my comfort zone or discovered how much I could accomplish. What I love most about Archer is our community. I am lucky enough to wake up with a smile every morning because I know I will get to see my friends, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and voice my opinions. I leave Archer with a big hug, a smile, and a wave before hopping on the bus at the end of the day. I know that this place cultivates the changemakers of the future and it has been my honor to watch my friends grow into strong-willed, independent women over the past six years.”
I know that the lessons learned and friendships gained here will last a lifetime. You can take the girl out of Archer but you can never take Archer out of the girl!