Coming 2019: Academic Center

In December 2017, Archer broke ground on the construction of the new Academic Center.
The facility will include over 30 state-of-the-art classrooms, a kitchen, and a student center.
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The new Academic Center features contemporary architecture that enhances 21st-century learning while also being sympathetic to the beauty of the Historic Building.

List of 7 items.

  • 1 - West Courtyard

    West Courtyard: Assemblies and More
    The West Courtyard can seat up to 70 people in amphitheater-style riser seats. The second floor balcony also opens into the courtyard for additional seating, creating a multi-layered collaborative space.
  • 2 - East Courtyard

    East Courtyard: Dynamic Collaboration
    The East Courtyard totals 800 square feet and is accessible through the two flexible classrooms on the ground floor. The Historic Building’s signature Eastern Star is clearly visible from this dynamic space.
  • 3 - 21st-Century Classrooms

    Classrooms for the Way Girls Learn Best
    Classrooms will be equipped for the latest technology with dynamic infrastructure to facilitate 21st-century learning. This includes movable projectors, low-energy LED lighting with dimming functionality, and sophisticated acoustical isolation between rooms.
  • 4 - Servery and Kitchen

    The servery and kitchen will include both food preparation and serving facilities along with resources for learning. It will connect to the Historic Building through our current Dining Hall.
  • 5 - Reception Area

    Reception Area
    The reception area visibly blends into the iconic Archer Courtyard leading to the Historic Building, creating a fluid synergy between the new and historic parts of campus.
  • 6 - Corridors

    Corridors: Multipurpose Hallways
    The corridors will include lockers, counter-height charging stations, and tackable panels to display student work, announcements and more.
  • 7 - Stairway

    The stairway doubles as informal seating with extra space built in along the sides.

Spaces Designed for the Way Girls Learn Best

A beautiful school is a gift from one generation to the next, an acknowledgement that our hope as a society lies within our children's capacity to become thoughtful, ethical, and contributing adults. We know that when girls are given the resources and spaces they deserve, they soar.

Breaking New Ground

On Monday, January 8, 2017, Archer celebrated the groundbreaking of the new Academic Center, further solidifying its mission of empowering future female leaders and in an environment designed specifically for girls. The event included addresses from Archer’s Head of School Elizabeth English, Craig Allen Jameson, Principal, Design Director at Parallax Architects, Archer's Board Chair Frank Marshall, and students Cameron T. ’18 and Sammy R. ’19.

“Thanks to Archer’s early and passionate supporters, the iconic Eastern Star Home for Women became the school’s permanent home in 1999,” Head of School Elizabeth English said. “Being the steward of one of L.A.’s most stunning, historic buildings is a responsibility Archer takes seriously. Inspired by the myth of Artemis, the Archer, protector of girls and goddess of the hunt, our architects at Parallax and Associates designed Archer’s campus plan around the concept of the Urban Forest. While the design provides an elegant counterpart to our cherished historic building, it also signals to our students and our community that the empowerment of girls and women is critically important work for Los Angeles, our nation and the world.”

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Construction Updates

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