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Eye to Eye with Elizabeth English

Oh My Goddess

Friday, March 1, 2019 

One of the major purposes of art is to help us transcend our day-to-day lives, see fresh perspectives, and experience thoughts and feelings that might otherwise remain dormant. Put simply, art deepens our sense of humanity and heightens our connection to others - and to the world in which we live. At its best, art arouses action in the face of ugliness and injustice.

This year’s Night of Dance theme, Odyssey, conjured the hero’s journey including our namesake, Artemis, the archer and protector of girls. More than 100 students led the Archer community through captivating performances combining music, spoken word, and dance to tell the stories of Greek goddesses who have inspired many modern-day female archetypes. A powerful through line of sisterhood moved many in the audience to tears and left us inspired by the promise of female strength.

If you saw the show last weekend then you know that Ms. Locke, the student leadership team, and everyone else involved managed yet again to set the bar higher for excellence in the arts at Archer. The entire cast and crew exceeded expectations in choreography, technique, and overall artistry and production quality. This does not happen by accident; the passion behind this year’s theme and the high expectations of the student leadership in particular resulted in an incredibly moving evening that left us all believing in the power of our girls to change humanity’s trajectory.

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    Friday, January 11, 2019 

    When I was an undergraduate, a classmate in my American literature seminar asked the professor, “Is this an American lit class or a women’s lit class?” The first two novels we’d read were written by women. The professor responded by asking the class rather plainly, “If the first two novels we’d read were by men, would anyone be asking if this was a men’s literature class?” That professor was one of only two female instructors I had as an undergrad, and she was my hero.
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  • Photo: TEDWomen

    ¡Si, Se Puede!

    Saturday, December 8, 2018 

    Yes, we can! This is the rallying cry of the legendary civil rights activist and community organizer Dolores Huerta who, along with the late Cesar Chavez, founded the United Farm Workers union. In recognition of her fearless leadership in the fight for labor and human rights, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012. Huerta was among the many feminist luminaries and warriors who presented at TEDWomen2018 in La Quinta, CA where the senior admin team and I gathered to reflect on the state of the world and the role of women and girls in solving humanity’s most pressing problems.
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