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About the Program

At Archer, confidence and success in math are directly proportional. When students think that they can, they do. When students receive a strong foundation and believe in themselves, they are successful. When students develop personal connections to mathematics, they become open-minded, creative problem solvers. How do we empower girls to excel in math? We build confidence!

  • Our integrated mathematics curriculum provides students with the opportunity to study all strands of mathematics in a connected approach and see the dynamic relationship between algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability.
  • Classrooms are active learning centers where students are encouraged to use multiple methods for problem solving.
  • We make lessons more approachable and promote student inquiry by utilizing examples with real-world applications.
  • Teachers use cooperative rather than competitive learning, and we support each other through collaboration.

STEM at Archer

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  • Mathematics & Written Expression

    Mathematics is about ideas. At Archer, students learn how to communicate these ideas clearly through written expression.
    • Success comes from understanding. Writing connects students to their own knowledge about mathematics and makes it their own.
    • Writing requires students to examine their ideas and put them into a coherent expression that can be understood by others.
    • Writing forces students to explain the purpose and logic of their problem solving. This type of writing highlights both the process and procedure.
    • Students reflect about challenges they faced and the reasonableness of their solutions.
    • Teachers gain a unique perspective into a student’s understanding, proficiency, and attitude toward learning math. 
  • Technology Integration & Proficiency

    “Technology is essential in teaching and learning mathematics; it influences the mathematics that is taught and enhances student learning.” 
    –National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

    Archer integrates technology as a tool for increasing student understanding.
    In mathematics, we use computers and graphing calculators to:
    • Access real-time data. Students have access to information that is current and applicable.
    • Present multiple representations of concepts and increase their ability to visualize from different perspectives.  
    • Individualize and differentiate student learning. Teachers can design learning experiences tailored to individual student ability and interest.

Department Chair

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Course Offerings

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  • Math 6: Mathematical Ways of Thinking

  • Introduction to Integrated Math

  • Integrated Math I

  • Integrated Math II

  • Integrated Math III: Standard

  • Pre-Calculus: Standard and Honors

  • Calculus

  • AP Calculus AB

  • AP Calculus BC

  • Statistics