Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Amelia H. '24

Amelia's Role Model: My female role model is Whitney Wolfe Herd, an entrepreneur, billionaire, and the CEO of Bumble. Not only is Wolfe Herd blazing a trail for female CEOs, but she is also using her growing power to promote equality in business. I am so inspired by her hard work and success in a world where only 41 women lead Fortune 500 companies. Hopefully that number will grow a lot in the coming years!

Why Amelia and Her Family Chose Archer: My parents and I were continually impressed by the confidence, ambition, and joy that each and every Archer girl exhibited. Everything in Archer's mission and curriculum resonated with our dreams for a school. We quickly realized Archer was the place that could support my growth as both a leader and a learner. I would just like to say- Best. Decision. Ever. 
Archer is wonderful and magical and empowering and's hard to settle on just one adjective when the Archer experience is so dynamic: there's truly something for everyone here. However, along with the abundant and diverse opportunities, there is a singular thread that weaves this school together- joy. Joy is absolutely everywhere at Archer, from the classroom to the art studio to the Sport Court. I felt it in my very first minute on campus, and I have never stopped feeling it since.

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