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Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Amelia H. '24

Why did you and your parents choose Archer? For my family, it was always Archer. We were so impressed by the school's mission of supporting the ambitious, joyful leaders of the future. As we learned more about the school throughout the admissions process, we realized that the mission runs deep in every facet of the Archer experience, from the classroom to teachers to sports to the community. My parents could tell that Archer would be a pivotal part of my education and life, and they were so right. 

What advice would you share with a prospective student? I would advise a prospective student to trust the process- to really immerse themselves in Archer experiences such as open houses, ask a lot of questions, and above all, to be authentic. If you can do these three things during the Admissions season, you can get a better sense of how the school fits you. I hope Archer is your place.

What Archer tradition do you look forward to each school year? My favorite Archer tradition is Moving Up Day, which is an Archer classic. On Moving Up Day, all students wrap up the school year and the sixth graders weave the iconic Maypole. In many ways, Moving Up Day is about endings as the school year is finally over. But I like to think of Moving Up Day as a beginning, too - the beginning of the next phase of your Archer journey.