Board of Trustees


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q. What is the role of an independent school Board of Trustees?

    As keepers of the mission and legal fiduciaries of The Archer School for Girls, the Board of Trustees is charged with long-range, strategic planning for the School. Each trustee actively promotes the School’s mission while accepting accountability for the financial and strategic future of the institution.
  • Q. Who is on Archer's Board?

    Archer’s current Board of Trustees has 24 members comprised of 13 women and 11 men, 11 of whom are current parents of the School, and one alumna. Each member brings unique personal experience from a diverse variety of professional backgrounds. From financial leaders and film producers to high-level philanthropists, attorneys and other independent school professionals, the collective experience of the Board provides a comprehensive, overall perspective that helps the School prosper.
  • Q. How is it structured?

    Meeting seven times a year, Board members serve on standing committees including Finance, Advancement, Community and Outreach, and the Committee on Trustees. Committee membership is an annual commitment, and each member has individual roles on each committee. An elected Board Chair and Vice Board Chair, along with the Head of School as an ex officio member, nurture and guide all major policy decisions.
  • Q. What decisions do they make?

    The Board is responsible for setting annual and long-term goals for the School, approving the annual operating budget, conducting formal strategic planning, adopting policy, and approving major initiatives like our 1 to 1 Laptop Program, Archer’s Flexible Tuition program, and a comprehensive Campus Plan.
  • Q. How does someone become a member of the Board?

    Each year, the Committee on Trustees engages in succession planning to access the needs for the following year. For example, if a member's term is expiring on the Finance Committee, a person with a strong financial background is preferred as a replacement. After a year-long process of vetting Board candidates, the Committee puts forth a recommendation for membership to the full Board. Membership is a volunteer service, and each Trustee donates substantial time, talent, and financial support to the mission of the School.
  • Q. How has the Board grown in the last 23 years?

    The first Board meeting was held in the home of one of the 10 founding Trustees. Now meetings are held with 24 members in our historic building on Sunset Boulevard. Archer is truly fortunate to have such a strong, independent, and diverse Board at its helm. Because of the continued dedication and leadership of the Board over the past 23 years, Archer finds itself fully prepared to enter into its third decade as one of this nation’s leading girls' school.

Trustees 2018-2019

Frank Marshall, Chair
Justin Chang, Vice Chair
Meridith Baer
Stephanie Darrow
Lauren Finkelstein '01
Lauren Fite
Jody Gerson
Ann Gianopulos
Mark Gordon
Caroline Grainge
Kathleen Kennedy
Scott Lord
Jeff Lotman
Marc Mills
Hannah Minghella
Tracey Briscoe Monroe
Shana Silveri
Tiffany Smith-Anoa'i
Ronald Stone
Patrick Tierney
Michael Tuchin
Corinne Verdery
Ian Weingarten
Michael Zeller
Elizabeth English, Ex-Officio
Megan Callaway, Ex-Officio
Diana Meehan, Ex-Officio
Victoria Shorr, Ex-Officio