Why a Girls' School?

Girls' schools are revolutionary by comparison to the traditional co-educational norm. The advantages are clear. Girls’ schools provide an environment that gives every girl an opportunity to showcase her emerging intellect and talents. The experience allows girls to explore and nurture their passions and potential. A girls’ school actively counteracts the negative and possibly dangerous influences of mass media and its often troubling depictions of women. At Archer, girls are educated to become the future female leaders of our country and world. Archer creates a culture of achievement and discovery that its graduates apply to their college experiences. University professors say they always identify a girls' school graduate for her confidence and assertiveness.

Archer Parent

"Girls leave here self-assured. They're kind, charismatic, and they have a sense of self that I've never seen before."
Contrary to the claim that girls’ schools do not prepare girls for the “real world,” research continues to validate and quantify the advantages of single-sex education for girls. These advantages include higher test scores, superior reading, advanced writing and science skills, higher numbers of math and science college majors, higher numbers of doctorates, and higher numbers of graduates who pursue careers in math, science, and technology. Young women leave girls’ schools with the tools and confidence necessary for academic and personal success in college and beyond.

At Archer we see the benefits of a girls’ school every day

We begin with ambitious, exuberant, multitalented girls. We surround them with expert teachers attuned to how girls learn best. We offer them a challenging curriculum, a classical visual and performing arts program, competitive athletics, and experiential learning opportunities. We see their abilities accrue, their energy build, and their confidence reach new heights. We send them into the broader world where they become leaders and pursue productive, joyful lives. Each Archer girl emerges as a stunningly confident young woman, fully prepared for her next endeavor and equipped with Archer’s lifelong gifts: the belief in a life full of possibility, the capability to achieve in most any circumstance, and the unquenchable desire to keep learning every day.

Archer Alumna

"At Archer, I transformed from being a shy girl who was afraid of giving the wrong answer to a confident woman who is excited for the journey that comes with learning the right one."

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Benefits of All-Girls Schools