Archer Fund

Alumni Support

Archer is proud to establish The A-List which gratefully acknowledges alumni for their support of the Archer Fund. In the 2020-2021 school year, more than 115 Archer graduates were inspired to leave their legacy for future generations of Archer girls. Denoted by asterisk are the alumni who have given to Archer consecutively for five or more years. Thank you for supporting your alma mater this year and every year!

The A+ List

Annie Wands '01*

The A List

Isabel Adler '17*
Yolani Alvarez '16
Cynthia Ambriz '11
Amy Anisgarten '05
Gaby Ayala '21
Natalie Babcock '07
Olivia Bagg '15*
Lauren H. Bahedry '05*
Maia Barnett '14*
Chace Beech '12
Elana (Schwarzman) Besserman '02*
Livia Blum '19
Cece Bobbitt '15
Eva Bombeck '15
Danielle (Feinerman) Brown '07*
Jayla Brown '18
Kayla Burney '13
Stephanie Bustillo '13
Caitlin Chen '19
Roxane Cohanim '03*
Ruby Colby '19
Hannah Cranston '09
Rosy DePaul '13*
Annmarie Dominguez '13
Alicia Dougherty '08*
Alyssa Downer '17
Devon Dunlap '03
Fairfax duPont '06*
Sophie duPont '10*
Allison Klein Eisenson '08
Megan Escobar '19
Hannah Eshaghian '13
Arielle Eshel '14
Tatiana Evans '13*
Rachel Ferrera '18
Lauren (Hochberg) Finkelstein '01*
Sophie Frank '15*
Portia Freeman '18
Izzy Fuchs '14
Cailin Goldberg-Meehan '01*
Abby Gore '17*
Dominique Miller Greene '01*
Marisa Guterman '06
Rachel Gutson '07*
Lauren Haas '04
Antonia Haley '14
Cailey Hall '02*
Amber Buck Hamilton '04
Genesis (Lopez '08) Hanley*
Nicole Hart '03*
Korinne (Mitchell) Hinderliter '02*
Hannah Hodgden (Zeiler) '04*
Logan Howard '14
Aviva Intveld '19
Daniela Jimenez '14
Haley Kerner '16
Kimia Khatibi '16
Ali Kiley '16
Juliana Klein '08
Gavin (Frank) Kliger '03*
Clio Sophia Koller '14*
Julie Kominski '05*
Jenna (Berger) Landi '05*
Alyssa Lanz '08
Sophie Larbalestier '20
Dianne Lugo '15
Zoe Malecki '09*
Rachel Mandelbaum '08
Maddie Marcus '07*
Karis McCaskill '20
Amanda Mihalke '15
Gabrielle Miller '04
Katie Mock '13
Kristen Mundy '17
Sara Mottahedan Navab '03*
Hillary Newman '04*
Carina Oriel '16*
Catherine Oriel '18
Kelcey Phillips '10
Rachel Pike '17
Elyse Pollack '18
Sophie Pollack '20
Erika Radhansson '04*
Candy Ramirez '05*
Sammy Raucher '19
Livia Reiner '14
Sarah Rosenblum '08
Kisa Rozenbaoum '18*
Natasha Rubin '07*
Jessica Ruder '13
Rebecca Samuelson '13*
Abigail Siegel '11
Sophie Smyth '17
Celena Staff '12
Marcella Stanley '15
Andrea Stern '10*
Benina Stern '12*
Claire Sulzer '17
Freddi (Zeiler) Swanson '03
Courtney Teller '10*
Chelsea Thomas '05
Annie Thompson '07*
Cameron Thompson '18
Madison Tyler '19
Helen Vera '02*
Sarah Wagner '16
Billie Wakeham '17*
Emily Ward '15
Katie Werner '10*
Maya Wernick '18
Mac Williams '19
Lola Wolf '19
Saskia Wong-Smith '18
Molly Wylie '11
Juliet Youssef '19
Cybele Zhang '18

*5+ year consecutive donor
The Archer School for Girls admits students of any race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation or other legally protected status to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation or other legally protected status in its hiring or in the administration of its educational policies and programs, admissions policies, financial aid programs or other school-administered programs. 

The Archer School for Girls’ mission is to educate students in an environment specifically designed for girls. As such, the school will consider any candidate for admission who identifies as a girl. Once admitted to Archer, all students in good academic standing who abide by Archer’s code of conduct and who meet requirements for graduation will be eligible to receive an Archer diploma, regardless of any change in sexual identity or other legally protected status.