Strategic Planning

A Message from the Head of School

This is a thrilling moment for Archer. Not only are we opening a stunning, new Academic Center, we’ve launched a new cycle of strategic planning. Strategic planning will offer a generative new vision that emerges for Archer’s future, a vision that will at once uphold our most cherished programs and practices and imagine new ones to ensure our students thrive in college and beyond.

We have lofty goals at Archer for amplifying our mission and disseminating what we do. Visitors come from across the country and the world to see the School in action. The question that invariably arises is, "How did Archer create the kind of culture that results in such a strong professional community among faculty and such a healthy, high-achieving student body?" As we imagine the next five years at Archer, we’ll be thinking deeply about how we ensure that the School remains a leader in cutting-edge education for girls. This will require deepening our knowledge base and engaging in further research on how girls learn and develop - and investing in our teachers to deliver on those findings. We’ll also consider how we make our research and practice available to other learning communities in order to multiply our impact.

Over the next few months, we’ll be engaging the entire Archer community in the strategic planning process and asking you to imagine all the possibilities that await The Archer School for Girls. On behalf of the entire Strategic Planning Committee, we look forward to hearing from you!

- Elizabeth English

A Reflective Process: Organize, Imagine, Launch

Strategic planning involves and affects everyone within the community. When an organization goes into strategic planning mode, it takes a big step back to reaffirm what we do, what we cherish here, and makes a commitment to upholding it. We also reimagine who we could be along with new and promising ways to deliver on our mission. As the educational landscape, demographics, and other related factors change, we need to take them into account. In essence, strategic planning seeks to ensure that an Archer education remains relevant and transformational for our students. It calls on us to reflect and set new goals for the next five years.

During the 2018-2019 school year, our three-phased approach, Organize, Imagine, Launch, will provide the entire Archer community with the opportunity to contribute meaningful input and reflect on the School’s mission, values, and future.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What is the purpose of Strategic Planning?

    Strategic Planning provides a unifying and inspiring vision, shared goals and direction, stimulates reflection and growth to avoid complacency and stagnation, and ensures excellence.
  • Q. What inputs or data are necessary for effective goal setting?

    Effective goal setting gathers input from constituent surveys, dashboard analytics (demographics, enrollment, finance, fundraising), market research (perception audit, enrollment surveys, competitor analysis), and trend analyses (independent schools, higher education, disruptors).
  • Q. Who is responsible for a strategic plan’s implementation?

    The entire community is responsible for implementation. The Board provides strategic partnership, goal setting, advancement, and resource allocation. The Head provides inspiration, distributed leadership, and ownership. The Senior Administration team, faculty, and staff operationalize the plan. Students and families give ongoing feedback through surveys and assessment data.
  • Q. How does an organization know it has been successful?

    An organization is successful with a plan that is simple, clear, and actionable. Priorities are written as measurable objectives. Implementation steps are arrived at by asking questions. There is broad participation and ownership among the community in answering those questions. Finally, outcomes demonstrate measurable success.

Timeline: Key Dates

Meet the Strategic Planning Committee

  • Elizabeth English, Head of School, Current Parent, Alum Parent
  • Ian Weingarten, Archer Trustee, Current Parent
  • Lauren Fite, Archer Trustee
  • Tiffany Smith-Anoa'i, Archer Trustee, Current Parent
  • Sharon Graves, Alum Parent
  • Lisa Freeman, Alum Parent
  • Brian Wogensen, English Department Chair
  • Jemma Kennedy, Middle School Math Chair
  • Stephanie Ferri, Fitness & Wellness Department Chair
  • Karen Pavliscak, Assistant Head of School & Middle School Director
  • Gretchen Warner, Upper School Director
  • Felicia Paik, Admissions Director, Current Parent
  • Jane Davis, Chief Financial Officer
  • Quyen Ngo, Director of Communications & Strategic Marketing
  • Rebecca Samuelson, Advancemnt Coordinator, Alum
  • Jay Vogt, Consultant

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