College Guidance

About College Guidance

At Archer, the college process is another opportunity for ambitious, joyful learning. Applying to college is not a numbers game or a race, and it does not need to be overwhelming. It’s a deeply personal process that can be a chance for educational self-reflection, ambitious goal-setting, and joyful discovery. We help to shape the leaders of tomorrow by introducing them to the best tools, giving them the most up-to-date information, and empowering them to manage the college selection process with confidence and authenticity. This means we expect each Archer girl to be able to articulate for herself the post-secondary options that are most appropriate for her academic strengths, future career goals, emerging personal values, and family financial needs.

It’s not easy to give teenagers ownership over such a complex process, but applying to college is a rite of passage, and we know that each student is capable of charting her own course. We work one-on-one with each Archer girl to help her navigate her journey, and we provide a curriculum that is both comfortable and challenging. At Archer, we are tremendously lucky and proud to have a College Guidance team that is not only experienced but also deeply committed to the continued success of our girls.

Class of 2019 Highlights

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  • 119

    colleges worldwide accepted Archer students
  • 70%

    are headed off to 20 different states, including D.C. and 1 country
  • 59%

    were awarded scholarships
  • 34%

    plan to major in a STEM field