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Our Commitment to Access

For the 2019-2020 school year, Archer allocated more than $4 million in Flexible Tuition. The average grant is 81% and financial assistance was awarded to 21% of the student body. We plan to continue this commitment to access, providing families with the ability to enroll who otherwise might not have been able to consider an Archer education.

Archer is committed to ensuring socioeconomic diversity in the student body and recognizes that tuition and fees are a large financial commitment for families. For many, it’s a significant barrier for entry. While it is the School's philosophy that the family bears the primary responsibility for supporting the education of their daughter, we have a Flexible Tuition Program in which interested families can apply for a “flexed” tuition based on their financial picture. The Program entails an assessment of the family’s ability to pay independent school tuition, determines if a family is eligible, and then reduces the tuition and fees required to enroll based on the amount a family can pay. To read more about Flexible Tuition, click the Flexible Tuition button below.

Tuition & Fees (Current Year)

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  • $42,225

  • $4,250

    Transportation, Services & Facility Fee (includes 1 to 1 Laptop Program)
  • $3,500

    New Student Fee (one time only)
  • Other Estimated Costs

    Books: $300-$600
    Uniforms: $150-$450
    Field Trips/Activities: $100-$300

Thinking About Applying?

New students can apply for Flexible Tuition during their initial application process. You can access more information by clicking on the Flexible Tuition button. For more detailed information or any questions, please contact Jessica McCullagh at

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