From the Head of School

Elizabeth English, Head of School

Founded by three bold and visionary women, The Archer School for Girls was always intended to be an innovative school, a place where every programmatic decision is based on the current research about how girls learn, develop, and thrive. As a contemporary girls’ school, Archer’s mission is to educate the future female leaders of this country in an environment that is at once ambitious and joyful.

That mission is readily apparent in our hallways and classrooms every day. Visitors to our campus often remark how happy and friendly Archer girls are. We also hear that Archer girls are unusually poised and stunningly confident. To my mind, the more important thing to note is the competence underlying that confidence. Regardless of her background, talents, or plans for the future, an Archer girl gains mastery of core competencies essential for success in the 21st century world. This outcome shapes the path our graduates will take for the rest of their lives. When asked to reflect on the impact their education has had, our alumnae invariably trace who they become and what they achieve directly back to their transformative experiences at Archer.

An Archer girl knows the value of her education, even while she is in the midst of it, and is always happy to talk to prospective students and parents about the unique culture and exceptional teaching Archer girls enjoy.
I invite you to visit our campus, get to know our community, and see for yourself why Archer is leading the way on research based education designed specifically for the way girls learn best.

Prepared for Her Future: An Archer Girl's Core Competencies

List of 5 items.

  • A Creative and Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Whether through her work in one of our experiential, student-run programs such as The Eastern Star Gallery or the Student Store, or simply as a result of the deeply creative and generative culture that Archer provides, an Archer girl sees the world foremost as a place of possibility, entirely open to whatever her initiative, imagination, and perseverance might create.
  • Critical Thinking and Intellect

    An Archer girl develops a keen analytical mind and critical eye for the world. She is an intellectual and learns to love ideas not merely for the sake of understanding and solving problems, but for the sake of themselves.
  • Powerful Speaking, Writing, and Presenting Skills

    Archer girls find their voices and learn to speak their minds in ways that college admissions officers tell us are consistently beyond their years. At Archer, we teach girls to write, speak, and present with precision, cogency, and power.
  • The Ability to Team and Collaborate

    Learning at Archer is fundamentally active, often collaborative, and mirrors the way we work today in our global society. An Archer girl graduates with the ability to team and successfully tackle real-world problems because her education has required her to collaborate with others who have a variety of skills, backgrounds, and perspectives often quite different from her own.
  • The Character and Drive to Lead

    Girls’ schools produce a disproportionate percentage of the women leaders in our nation and worldwide. At Archer, we recognize and take seriously the fact that we are educating this country’s next generation of leaders. All Archer girls come to learn that leadership, in essence, is service and requires abundant humility, self-reflection, and a great deal of good humor.