Mission for Sustainability

The Archer School for Girls is committed to meeting its existing needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
Our innovative vision for a 21st-century institution examines present practices and creates long-term, sustainable solutions for the future. Central to this commitment is crafting enduring approaches to addressing important environmental and social concerns and ensuring that our graduates put these practices to use in their lives beyond Archer. We strive to use our resources efficiently, create a healthy school environment, foster an ecological curriculum, and educate members of the community to reduce our environmental footprint.

Archer Strives to...

  • Cultivate environmentally educated citizens.
  • Teach sustainability across the curriculum.
  • Lead peer institutions by modeling sustainable practices.
  • Integrate sustainability into all aspects of campus operations.
  • Create an environment that promotes a healthy, productive school community.

Archer Council for Sustainability (ACS)

  • Committee formed to run and oversee sustainability measures/initiatives on the Archer campus
  • Founded in the Spring of 2015
  • Run by Sustainability Coordinator
  • Comprised of seven faculty and staff advisors
  • Breakout groups run by four elected Student Executive Board members
  • ACS also comprised of 20 student ambassadors from 9th-12th grade