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Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Audrey C. '24

What new passion or interest did you discover while at Archer? A new passion I discovered while at Archer has been journalism. I've always loved writing, and joining The Oracle, Archer’s online student-run newspaper, in 10th grade allowed me to further expand my interest in another type of writing. I’ve loved learning how to write different types of articles, collaborating with other Oracle staff members, and being able to connect my passion for writing with my interest in history and current events. I enjoyed overseeing the news section as News Editor this past year, and I am very excited to be Editor-in-Chief next year.

Why did you choose to become an Archer ambassador? I became an Archer ambassador because I wanted to have the opportunity to share my love of Archer with prospective students and families through tours, events, and other admissions-related activities. I remember my tour of Archer being an essential part of how much I loved the school, and I wanted to be that person for other prospective students. I have a lot of fun getting to know new people and sharing my Archer experiences with them!

What Archer activity do you look forward to each school year? The main activity I have looked forward to ever since I first came to Archer has been being a part of the tennis team. I joined the middle school tennis team in sixth grade, and it became my favorite thing and something that made me feel even more connected at Archer. Being on the Archer tennis team every year since I started here and getting to play as a team instead of just individually has been one of my favorite parts of my Archer experience!