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Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Carmen M-G. '29

Why did you and your parents decide to attend Archer? When I first visited Archer, I could visibly see Archer's motto and key values in the halls. From doing the most complicated, but amazing STEM projects possible, to singing your heart out to your choir song in the winter concert, and even laughing at lunch with your friends, I saw and knew Archer was the school for me. I saw a community that would always try and lift each other up and encourage each other in anything they do.

What advice would you share with a prospective student? Try new things! Even if you have no experience or feel you aren't as prepared, know that Archer is your time to follow any opportunity that comes your way.

Which academic class are you looking forward to the most in the 2023-2024 school year? I'm very excited about my French class this year, as I am infinitely curious about the language, people, and culture. My French class is a way for me to immerse myself in traditions from the rest of the world and get perspective on what it's like to be there.