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Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Emily P. '26

Why did you and your parents choose Archer? My parents and I chose to enroll at Archer because we loved the dynamic teaching and opportunities for collaboration in classrooms. Through my tour, my parents and I observed how both students and teachers cared and were intentional about their interactions. We appreciated the community, and I saw myself capable of being part of it. Additionally, Archer’s values on diversity, equity, and inclusion resonated with us. We felt connected to how Archer highlights the importance of respecting every person no matter their background.

What advice would you share with a prospective student? Always ask questions. Whether you are on a tour, at an event, or on a day visit to a school, asking questions can help you learn more about the school you are visiting. You can determine if the school possesses certain aspects that you are looking for in an academic and social environment. It can help you figure out what aspects of the school most interest you.

Why did you choose to become an Archer ambassador? I chose to become an Archer ambassador because I love representing Archer as a leader and forming meaningful connections with prospective families. I also had a fantastic experience with the Archer ambassador students and parents when I was a prospective student, so I felt inspired to want to give the same experience to current prospective families. Lastly, as an Archer ambassador, I get to represent and share my favorite parts of the school which brings me so much joy.