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Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Francie W. '25

Why did you and your parents choose Archer? My parents and I chose to attend Archer because my older sister Sophie had been at Archer for a year and loved it. She loved her teachers, friends, classes, and opportunities which made me eager to apply to Archer.

What new passion or interest did you discover while at Archer? One new passion I have discovered is journalism. I have always been a big writer, but after taking the Intro to Journalism class last year, I fell in love with journalism and consider it to be a big part of my identity.

What Archer tradition do you look forward to each school year? I always look forward to spirit week. As a member of student council, I help to plan and coordinate spirit week days and events. During the actual week, it is very rewarding and exciting to see the week come together and also see how much fun the community has competing and spending time with one another.