Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Ivy W. '25

Ivy's Role Model: My female role model is my grandmother, Claudia. She is a pastry chef who used to have her own bakery and has inspired my love and passion for baking. Ever since I was little I have gone over to her house and she would teach me how to bake something new each time. To this day those are some of my most cherished memories with her. When the pandemic hit, she started her own Etsy shop, TeaTimePastries, where she sells her freshly baked confections to people everywhere. I am so inspired how she combined her passion with an unprecedented situation and truly made the most out of it.

Why Ivy and Her Family Chose Archer: My parents and I decided to attend Archer because of how warm and welcoming the community is. We immediately felt so welcomed by everyone on campus from the admissions team, our student tour guide, to all of the girls passing by through the hallways and waving hello. When visiting each class we could see how connected all of the girls were with each other and how the teachers were really so involved in what they were teaching. We felt so drawn to the beautiful campus and amazing community and knew that Archer was the perfect place for me.
Archer is so special because it is truly a sisterhood. It is a place where each girl is free to be herself and make lifelong friendships and connections with her peers. The community is welcoming, and it is such an empowering environment to learn.

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