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Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Lola T. '26

Why did you choose to become an Archer ambassador? I chose to become an Archer Ambassador because, throughout my own application process, the Archer ambassadors made such a positive impact on the process and all of my visits at Archer, and inspired me to explore different extracurriculars. I hope to have that same impact on another incoming Archer student.

Why did you and your parents choose Archer? My parents and I decided to attend Archer because we were continuously impressed by each and every Archer girl's strength, poise, and ambition they exuded. We felt as though the Archer community supported and nourished every student that stepped foot on the school campus; giving them the strength to reach their full potential with grace and laughter.

What Archer tradition do you look forward to each school year? Each year, I always look forward to Spirit Week, because I love to see everyone’s creativity and enthusiasm. I also enjoy participating in the unique games and activities each spirit day entails.