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Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Maya K. '29

Why did you and your parents decide to attend Archer? My parents and I chose Archer because of the strong academic programs that help girls reach success and thrive in the real world, and the kind and loving community that supports and welcomes everyone. We were very impressed with everything Archer had to offer and we could see me being an Archer girl.

What new passion or interest did you discover while at Archer? A new passion I discovered at Archer is public speaking and leading tours. Before I came to Archer, I was really shy and would never willingly participate in activities that required me to talk to people I didn’t know. But, at Archer, I decided to give being an ambassador and leading tours a shot. I immediately loved it and became super excited to keep growing and learning more about what it means to be an Archer ambassador.

Which academic class are you looking forward to the most in the 2023-2024 school year? I am most looking forward to my 7th grade science class. I discovered my love of science at Archer and I can’t wait to do more experiments, learn fascinating things, and keep growing as a scientist.