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Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Mia V. '25

Why did you and your parents decide to attend Archer? My family and I chose Archer because we recognized Archer's ability to develop confident, kind, and intelligent women. The all-girls experience adds a sense of pride and community that the students take with them on their journey to college and beyond. Archer's beautiful campus has provided an ideal space for me, my academic growth, and my overall desire to fulfill my potential as a learner and member of my community.

What do you like most about Archer? My favorite aspect about Archer is the fact that each girl graduates as a highly independent young adult. The Archer community beams with constant love, support, and a feeling of intense courage and determination. Archer provides every girl with endless opportunities, knowing that at a co-ed school that may not always be an option. Because of the all-girl environment, I feel that the bond between Archer students is unshakable, and I continually feel encouraged by my peers.

What new passion or interest did you discover while at Archer? Archer cultivated my newfound passion for history. I have always been a lover of storytelling through my theatre arts activities, and coming to Archer encouraged me to further that interest. I really took a liking to my 10th grade World History course, learning everything from World War I to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict occurring today. I’m excited to take my learning to the next level in my 11th grade Advanced Study U.S. History course and dive deeper into my understanding of history's effect on our modern society!