Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Sophia S. '25

Sophia's Role Model: My female role model is Audrey Hepburn. Most people know her as the talented actress from those black and white movies, but she was also a caring and inspirational humanitarian. Her work as a devoted ambassador for UNICEF makes her one of those special people who use their influence to help the world and contribute to the greater good. Her story encourages me every day to be the best person I can.

Why Sophia and Her Family Chose Archer: My family and I realized that Archer was the school for me at the Open House. I remember walking down the halls for the first time feeling like I was entering a wonderland, where no one and nothing could make me unhappy. All the people around me seemed to be completely cheerful. I left the event knowing that Archer would be my home away from home.
Archer provides every girl with the unique chance to pursue whatever it is that gets them up in the morning and so much more than just that. For me, that’s knowing that I have so much freedom in every class and activity whether it’s being able to write about whatever topic I want in English or being able to experiment about any topic I want in science. I know that in a single day at Archer I can learn about illusions and the human brain, yet also learn about yeast-generated energy.

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