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Ambassador Leadership Team Member

Sydney C. '25

What new passion or interest did you discover while at Archer? While at Archer, I developed an interest in photography. During my freshman year, I took photography as my elective, and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Not only did we learn about influential photographers and their works, but we also learned how to use digital and film cameras. This experience made me value photography more as art, want to take more photos, and experiment with cool lighting and photo editing.

What do you like most about Archer? The thing I like most about Archer is the strong sense of community that we have across students, faculty, and alumni. At Archer, I truly feel that I am part of a vast sisterhood that is constantly there for me and pushing me to be my best. This sisterhood and community can be seen daily - while walking through the halls, at lunch, and especially at our school-wide events.

Why did you and your parents choose Archer? My parents and I chose Archer because we believed it had all of the qualities that we valued most in a school. It has rigorous academics, endless clubs and community engagement opportunities, a beautiful campus, and dedicated teachers. Moreover, Archer was truly the only school that I could envision myself at, and that I believed could help me develop into the person I aspire to be. Undoubtedly, I can say that Archer has surpassed my expectations and continues to better me.