Humans of Archer

Caitlin C. '19, Archer Girl

"I came to Archer in my freshman year, looking for more opportunities, resources, and a supportive environment that would encourage me to thrive in different areas. Here, I can explore various activities and flourish in subjects I am passionate about. Interestingly though, I am a three-sport varsity athlete and have been for four years, I don’t perceive myself as only a student-athlete. In the most simple terms, I would call myself an Archer girl. We are taught that we do not need to be limited to one field or label. It’s possible to embrace and excel at being a scientist, a musician, and an athlete simultaneously. My experience as an Archer student in both the classroom and gym has taught me to strive to be the best I can be."
My Archer education has taught me to speak for what I believe in, persevere in times of adversity, and understand that sometimes the best things come from rising from failure.