Humans of Archer

Enrique Montoya, Facilities Staff

“I was working as a product development manager for prototypes in the clothing industry and thought, ‘I should change what I do.’ I've always been very hands-on. A person I know who used to do contract work for Archer told me to apply for a job here and I did. I cannot put into words how much I've grown here in the last eight years. I came from a stressful work environment; I was able to turn that around at Archer. I have found my purpose in life here and learned how to work with positivity. The work that I do here is for a purpose, for something special, for the future. I love the campus and seeing how hard people work. I love everything that I do here, from picking up a piece of paper on the floor to the more extreme tasks, like setting up the art gallery.”
I'm in a very happy state of mind at Archer. This is my kind of environment. These girls are being educated in a very specific way and that doesn't happen everywhere.