Humans of Archer

Frank Marshall, Archer Board of Trustees Chair

“Our family has been a part of the Archer community since its inception in 1995, when Archer was first located at the converted dance studio in the Palisades. When we attended our first recital at this new school, we were very inspired by the founding principles of innovation, community, and diversity. We were also very taken by how enthusiastic and happy the girls were to be in this new learning environment and vowed to try and do all we could to help make Archer successful and grow. I am very proud of the fact that here we are over 20 short years later, and Archer is one of the leading independent girls’ schools in the entire country."
I'm very excited about Archer's future, as we open the doors of our new Academic Center in the Spring of 2019 and continue to lead and create an exciting learning environment for our students throughout the rest of the year.