Humans of Archer

Hanna Robertson, Science Teacher

“In my third year of undergrad, I took a natural history course that went on weekly field trips to bird watch and catch reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals. We learned how to make observations about our surroundings, ask questions, collect and analyze field data, and draw conclusions. This was my first time doing real science in school and it was exhilarating. Yet, as a science major, I was dumbfounded that I didn’t have this experience sooner. This influential course made me think about how science classes should engage students throughout their education. When my love for biology led me to grad school, I discovered my second love: teaching. My ideas for improving science education were developing and becoming more and more persistent. To put those thoughts into action, I left my Ph.D. program at UCLA to teach at Archer.”
 Because of the incredible community of masterful teachers to learn from and grow with, I’ve been able to develop the Honors Research in Science program where my students are doing science every day.