Humans of Archer

Jane Paquet Davis, Chief Operating Officer

"I have enjoyed every minute I have spent at Archer over the past decade. The joy of walking through the halls, hearing the laughter, and knowing my work is for a greater purpose makes coming to a work a pleasure. Seeing students come in as young girls and watching them grow into strong, capable women has been the most profound aspect of being in this community. 
My favorite part of the new building is the kitchen and servery. I am so excited to see the girls enjoy this totally new aspect of our campus. Working on the project was an extraordinary learning experience. From the weekly construction meetings to working with our incredible partners Jeff Searock and Brian Galloway, I was honored and humbled to be a part of this labor of love. With the twists and turns that come with any worthwhile endeavor, I learned how to be more flexible and collaborative."
We worked hard but we also had a lot of fun and we ended up with a beautiful building for our girls!