Humans of Archer

Justin Chang, Archer Board of Trustees Vice Chair

“It’s an honor and a privilege to work on the Archer Board of Trustees. I really enjoy it and it is my most significant and meaningful volunteer and philanthropic involvement. As the Board, as fiduciaries, what we’re really charged with doing is trying to look more strategically at how Archer should position itself to stay cutting edge, to stay relevant, to hopefully stay ahead of the curve over the next three, five, seven, ten years, and beyond. We can look at where Archer is and assess where we want to be while also paying attention to what’s happening in the world. We hear that a lot of the jobs we will have five to ten years from now haven’t been created yet. Our job is to educate the future women leaders of America and beyond, and look at the skills and the capabilities we want our girls to have. Trying to anticipate what they will be down the road is both an opportunity and a challenge, but Archer is in a great position because we’re planning from strength.'"
We want to raise the bar, see where can we do even better, and ask, 'How do we keep challenging, keep pushing ourselves to do better?'