Humans of Archer

Meridith Baer, Board Member

"In my own life, sometimes I felt inadequate or didn’t know how to do something. But when I just went for it, that’s when my life worked the best. At 50, I started something brand new. In a field where I had never taken a design course, I have one of the biggest design firms around. I wasn’t thinking, 'How do I do this?' I just went for it and started doing the work. Ultimately, courage comes down to just going for it and saying yes. Maybe not knowing how you’re going to accomplish something but taking a chance, not being afraid to fail, not having to be so in control that you’ve got it figured out before you go for it."
I really feel honored to have the opportunity to be involved at Archer in any way I can. When I leave Archer, I have this kind of high. I have loved every minute of it and hope to be involved for quite a while to watch it grow and thrive.