Humans of Archer

Nilusha Patel, Administrative Assistant

“My friend Janet Lyon and I were working together at the Gemological Institute of America but when it moved to Carlsbad, she came to Archer and I went to work for Associated Students UCLA. When a position opened at Archer, I applied. I started working with the College Guidance office and then with Admissions and Advancement before I moved to the Front Office five years ago. My favorite part about Archer is the interaction I get to have with the parents and the girls. The parents sign in with me and kids come in asking for things. I feel like I can help them and watch them grow up. The little ones come in so shy in the beginning and then eventually they warm up to you. When you see them in the corridor, they smile and say, ‘Hi Ms. Patel!’ That just cheers me up."
I’ve grown a lot seeing the young ones. I think they are so lucky to be at Archer. I am lucky, too.