Humans of Archer

Rebecca Samuelson '13, Advancement Coordinator

"Two cliches bookend my Archer experience. The first, 'Your parents know what’s best for you,' brought me here in the first place. My three older siblings attended other independent schools, but my parents enrolled me at Archer. They made the right call. I was part-student, part-sponge at Archer and soaked up everything I could inside the classroom and out: The Oracle, Student Store, athletics, Literature &.... I made mistakes, learned my voice, and became a leader. When I graduated from UCLA three years later and didn’t know what to do next, I found myself honoring another cliche: ‘There’s no place like home.’ I had served on the Archer Alumnae Board and visited often, so I applied without hesitation when a job opened in Advancement."
Serving this mission alongside some of the teachers and staff who made me who I am is a privilege. Spending my days uniting our alum community is an honor. Growing professionally and personally in this uniquely badass community is a blessing.