Humans of Archer

Sydney C. '25, 6th Grade Class Representative

"I love being a 6th grade student representative. It’s probably one of the hardest grades to be a rep because none of us have ever done Spirit Week or any other event before, so we don’t know what to expect. I am so proud of everything that the 6th grade has been able to accomplish. I am most proud of my work with Black Student Union (BSU) and Sisters Talking About Race Relations (STARR) because I get to show my leadership skills and I can help inform other people about different cultures, lifestyles, and themes. Archer is the type of place where a girl could enter and may not feel as confident or self-assured but by the time she leaves, she will feel empowered and happy."
At Archer, I can walk by someone I do not know and be given a compliment or a kind smile. This is a place where the force is female and we know it!