Humans of Archer

Banafsheh Salimi, Assistant Systems Administrator

"I was in the process of accepting a job at a different school when a recruiter contacted me for a job at Archer and said, ‘Don’t accept that offer yet. Apply for this new job at Archer and if you get to go to see the school, you will love it and you yourself will want to be part of the community.’ I took his advice and came for an interview, toured the campus, and immediately knew this place had a lot to offer and is somewhere I can grow professionally. I decided to trust my heart and accept the offer. The supportive community, the role of technology inside and outside classrooms, the ambitious learning energy in the air, the girl power, and of course the dog-friendly campus have made me confident in my decision to this day."
Schools are like shrines: safe places where you are nourished, protected, and guided. I feel very lucky that every day I get to come to this sanctuary, which is one of the best in the country.