Humans of Archer

Elana Goldbaum, History Teacher

“Both of my parents are teachers and huge inspirations for me. My mom was a member of the National Organization for Women and marched in the 1970s to support the Equal Rights Amendment, which didn't pass, but her standing up for the right thing inspired me to do the same. My dad had been a multimedia journalism professor for 45 years; his evolution from the darkroom to virtual reality helps me remember how important it is to see change as an opportunity, not a barrier. I started my own education career in Chicago Public Schools in 2006 and then worked in L.A. public schools for nine years. I was looking to expand my experience when I found Archer, and I was totally enchanted and sold by the atmosphere, mission, and especially the students in my demo lesson."
As a public school teacher, I was used to lots of requirements and sometimes restrictive accountability, but having more freedom has allowed me to expand and hone my craft.