Humans of Archer

Kristin Taylor, English Teacher

“I started at Archer in August 2006, and I've never looked back. I love being part of this joyful place that empowers young women to be their best selves. It's difficult to articulate how much I've grown and changed here. Now in my 22nd year of teaching, my 13th at Archer, I feel as excited and energized to come to work each day as I did when I started teaching – actually, probably more since I know what I'm doing now. Archer's support of me as a lifelong learner means that I never feel stagnant. I'm always growing. Ultimately, it's all about the girls. I love working with them. I love watching them realize they really can write or fall in love with a book or learn what it means to be a journalist when they see their first byline go live.”
I truly feel like this is a community where students and faculty care about each other, and I love that.