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World Language Students Receive Recognition

Archer's World Language program continues to distinguish itself. Our French language students amassed a number of medals and honorable mentions in Le Grand Concours earlier this spring, and our Chinese and Spanish language students have recently received recognition across the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Test, Chinese National Essay Contest, National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y), and the National Spanish Exam. 
During the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Test, 27 Chinese language students successfully demonstrated proficiency at the following levels. Nine students tested at a Level 1 proficiency: Dara A. ’28, Eva B. ’29, Charlotte B. ’28, Lily B. ’28, Penelope C. ’28, Camille C. ’28, Izzie E. ’28, Bella H. ’28, and Farah S. ’28. Eleven students tested at a Level 2 proficiency: Maya B. ’27, Ashley C. ’27, Caroline F. ’27, Shae K. ’27, Clara L. ’28, Catalina L.-S. ’27, Avery P. ’27, Kylie T. ’27, Katia T. ’27, Autumn W. ’27, and Edie W. ’27. Four students tested at a Level 3 proficiency: Alexis D. ’24, Grace R. ’25, Maia A. ’24, and Phoebe R. ’25. Three students tested at a Level 4 proficiency: Hannah H. ’26, Audrey O. ’26, and Alejandra C. ’24. For reference, successful completion of level 4 qualifies students to study in Chinese universities.
Archer students also placed highly in the Chinese National Essay Contest. Camila B. ’24, Alejandra C. ’24, Lauren H. ’26, and Natalie H. ’25 received gold awards. Hollyn A. ’28, Jullie C. ’24, Belen H. ’26, Sydney L. ’28, and Lily S. ’26 received silver awards. Remi C. ’24, Julianna H. ’25, Sophie L. ’30, Eden S. ’25, Melinda W. ’26 received honorable mentions.
Belen H. ’26 and Dakota T. ’26 are National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) awardees, receiving U.S. government scholarships to study in Taiwan this summer. The U.S. Department of State’s NSLI-Y program provides critical language study overseas for U.S. high school students through full scholarships to participate in intensive summer and academic year programs.

The results of the 2024 National Spanish Exam are in, and Archer's Spanish students earned a total of 65 medals and 48 honorable mention certificates.

Our 5 senior medalists did an especially standout job in the challenging upper levels:
Nina S. ’24 is the first student in Archer history to take a medal at Level 6. Audrey C. ’24, Layla T. ’24, and Sylvie O. ’24 medaled in Level 5. Sophia L. ’24 medaled in Level 4.
Gold Medal winners, scoring top 5% in the nation, were Finley V. ’26 in Level 4; Adella T. ’27 in Level 3; Maggie C. ’28, Hollyn A. ’28, and Samara G. ’28 in Level 2; and Harley N. ’29, Asha P. ’28, Kate R. ’28, and Jaya S. ’28 in Level 1.
Silver Medal winners, scoring in the top 15% in the nation, were Audrey C. ’24 in Level 5; Ivy W. ’25 in Level 4; Sophie S. ’27, Maya H. ’27, Darian W. ’26, Emerson C. ’26, Lauren H. ’26, Emily P. ’26, Vivi A. ’26, Selah J. ’26, and Jet V. ’28 in Level 3; Josie L. B. ’28, Charlotte J. ’27, Sarah M. ’28, Alexa K. ’26, Layla C. ’27, Ella T. ’27, Katie Ray M. ’27, and Sasha P. ’26 in Level 2; Jackie M. ’28, Sydney L. ’28, Sophie S. ’28, Arissa L. ’28, Laila B. ’28, and Georgia L. ’28 in Level 1; and Lily V. ’29 and Pearl F. ’29 in Level 01.
Bronze medal winners, scoring top 25% in the nation, were Nina S. ’24 in Level 6; Layla T. ’24 and Sylvie O. ’24 in Level 5; Sophia L. ’24, Yasmine H. ’26, Lucía W. ’25, Surya P. ’25, and Emma W. ’25 in Level 4; Olivia H.-G. ’26, Caroline C. ’26, Lucy K. ’26, Siena F. ’25, Skylar R. ’26, Chloe K. ’26, Natalie L. ’26, Samantha O. ’26, Cleo W. ’26, and Cezanne S. ’25 in Level 3; Cate D. ’29, Elyse H. ’29, Leani A.-M. ’28, Eva P .’28, Luciana I. ’28, Kayla S. ’28, and Zoë S. ’28 in Level 1; and  Avital E. ’29, Nika H. ’29, Haley L. ’29, and Lucy B. ’29 in Level 01.
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