Archer Wins Top Prizes for Photography and Video at 2018 InspirED Brilliance Awards

Archer received two awards in December 2018 from InspirED, an international organization of independent schools' marketing and communications departments. A panel of 60 marketing experts from schools and businesses gave Archer a Bronze award for the 2018 Raise Your Paddle video and a Gold award for a selection of photographs from School events.
Entries from across the world were scored on creativity, impact, design, copy, photography, and overall appeal.

"GOLD! Stunning photography. The light that was captured in each photo is beautiful. Each photo is unique and tells a story, but it also leaves something to the imagination," judges wrote in their comments about the photographs, which were taken in collaboration with Carl Pocket and JD Renes Photography.

Judges were also impressed by Archer's 2018 Raise Your Paddle fundraising video, which was produced in collaboration with JupiterReturn.

"Compelling video demonstrating the essential need of girls' schools in today's world, filled with gender bias. The clips of students are a wonderful ways to recognize awards and achievements and shows how each success matters for individual girls. I felt the urgency around supporting and empowering young women today," the judges wrote.